Easy Orange Rolls From Biscuits

Easy Orange Rolls From Biscuits Easy Orange Rolls are quick to prepare.  The ingredients are simple.  Several versions of these easy rolls are tucked away in my favored recipes file.  The recipe makes 10 rolls and takes about 15 minutes prep time and bakes in 25 minutes.  There is no cooling time as you will want to dig right in as soon as you pull them from the oven. They are great for breakfast or brunch.  Pour a glass of...

Limeade Chicken Recipe

This morning while cleaning the bookcase in my kitchen that holds all the numerous cookbooks, recipe cards and recipe clippings I came across this Limeade Chicken recipe.  It is a really simple recipe to prepare and very tasty, especially if you enjoy the flavor of lime.   The recipe has been buried in my collection and has not been used in about three years. The directions call for a nonstick...

Spice Is Not Always Nice!

Spice Is Not Always Nice! I love to spice up rice pudding especially with cinnamon and nutmeg.  This morning I reached into the cabinet and grabbed the spices.  After I had sprinkled both spices on my rice pudding I noticed the container I thought was cinnamon was actually cumin.  I really like the flavor of cumin and use it often.  However, cumin is not a spice I think of with rice pudding.  Cumin, as a spice, is not...

Peace In The Midst Of Confusion

Peace In The Midst Of Confusion Several years ago I experienced the most amazing peace in the midst of confusion.  I was leading women’s ministry in my church.  That had been a wonderful experience.  Studying with the women of all ages and backgrounds, getting to know each of their testimonies, witnessing them discover their gifts, seeing God work in their lives, praying, crying, and laughing together greatly impacted my...

Heavenly Father’s Love

Heavenly Father’s Love My Dad would often tell me he loved me.  As he looked me in the eyes, I had no doubt of that love.  I could see the expression of love on his face.  That’s something I miss since his Heavenly home going. From the time I was a small child my Dad would require I looked into his face when discipline was necessary for speaking or acting in a less than honorable manner.  I recall a time when I...
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