Limeade Chicken Recipe

This morning while cleaning the bookcase in my kitchen that holds all the numerous cookbooks, recipe cards and recipe clippings I came across this Limeade Chicken recipe.  It is a really simple recipe to prepare and very tasty, especially if you enjoy the flavor of lime.   The recipe has been buried in my collection and has not been used in about three years. The directions call for a nonstick...

Do You Know The Power Of Your Words?

Do You Know The Power Of Your Words? I read a quote recently from Charles R. Swindon’s book, Growing Strong In the Seasons of Life.  It describes strolling up a windswept hill in a country churchyard in England.  There, as the story goes, you would discover a drab, gray slate tombstone.  The epitaph on this quaint headstone is not easily seen unless you stoop down and look closely.   As you look closely at the...

Help Is In Sight

Help Is In Sight On Friday, March 11, 2011, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck northeast Japan.  There was great devastation over large areas from the water forced ashore as the earth’s plates under the ocean shifted.  For most areas there was no help in sight.  One news source reported a small coastal village had survived but was totally cut off as all connecting roads were destroyed or covered by...

Can You Complete These Scripture Verses?

Can You Complete These Scripture Verses? Below are half of Scripture verses.  Can you find the other half?  The missing halves follow.  Don’t peek!  Use the tools in the back of our Bible for hints if available.  This is a great activity to do with your spouse, a friend or Bible Study group.  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you did. “For many are called;” “Father, forgive them;” “Ask,...

I Have A Child

I Have A Child Several years ago I met a young lady, 23 years old at the time, who really touched me and has been in my thoughts often over the years.  She had a baby boy born with a chromosome abnormality.  Her precious baby received all his nutrition by way of a feeding tube.  As this young mother told me about her son, his smile and the care he required, there was only love and tenderness in her face and...

Spice Is Not Always Nice!

Spice Is Not Always Nice! I love to spice up rice pudding especially with cinnamon and nutmeg.  This morning I reached into the cabinet and grabbed the spices.  After I had sprinkled both spices on my rice pudding I noticed the container I thought was cinnamon was actually cumin.  I really like the flavor of cumin and use it often.  However, cumin is not a spice I think of with rice pudding.  Cumin, as a spice, is not...
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