I Give Up! I Quit!

I Give Up!  I Quit! I give up! I quit!  Have you shouted these words in the past year?  Have you shouted them at any point in your Christian walk?  How have your actions reflected the fact that you have given up?  I would encourage your to stop before reading this article and ask God to reveal how you have given up or how you have quit. Have your been discouraged – so you give up?  Have you felt you have...

A Messenger, A Warning, An Encouragement

A Messenger, A Warning, An Encouragement God sent a messenger with a warning and an encouragement to the people of Israel.  That warning and encouragement is in Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament.  We do not know who the prophet was that brought this message to Israel.  The word Malachi means messenger.  Most Biblical scholars agree Malachi was written in the Fifth Century B.C. The message in Malachi is very interesting to...

Peace In The Midst Of Confusion

Peace In The Midst Of Confusion Several years ago I experienced the most amazing peace in the midst of confusion.  I was leading women’s ministry in my church.  That had been a wonderful experience.  Studying with the women of all ages and backgrounds, getting to know each of their testimonies, witnessing them discover their gifts, seeing God work in their lives, praying, crying, and laughing together greatly impacted my...

Do You Need To Bring Forth God’s Word?

Do You Need To Bring Forth God’s Word? To bring forth God’s Word, we must first have digested God’s Word. The meaning of words intrigue me.  I love to dig a little deeper to gain a depth of understanding rather than assume the meaning of a word or phrase.  What does it really mean to “bring forth God’s Word?”  It seems to be a clumsy statement in today’s language.  I searched synonyms for the...

Heavenly Father’s Love

Heavenly Father’s Love My Dad would often tell me he loved me.  As he looked me in the eyes, I had no doubt of that love.  I could see the expression of love on his face.  That’s something I miss since his Heavenly home going. From the time I was a small child my Dad would require I looked into his face when discipline was necessary for speaking or acting in a less than honorable manner.  I recall a time when I...

Our Savior Is Born! A Savior for all people.

Our Savior Is Born!  A Savior for all people. Our Savior is born.  A Savior for all people.  Joy to the World! Messiah Lord of Glory The Truth Word of God  Our Savior is born! His birth brings joy to the World.  We are all sinners in need of a Savior.  God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born in a lowly manger.  Bethlehem was brimming with people but we are told in God’s Word that only a few paid attention and drew near to their Savior. ...
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